PhD candidate and senior adviser at the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre (NBIC, Artsdatabanken in Norwegian).

  • Developing distribution models based on occurrence-only data​​
  • Improving user knowledge using machine learning for better data collection
  • ​Creating new data collection methods using machine learning​

Working for the NBIC since 2012, my main focus in recent years has been open data licensing and sharing, as well as the collection and presentation of expert knowledge. I’m a proud node member of GBIF Norway and the Species Online team at NBIC, where I continue to work on identification keys as a developer/data wrangler. Professionally and privately, citizen science is one of my greatest interests.

My position as a PhD candidate is funded through the Public sector Ph.D.-scheme of the Research Council of Norway. My supervisors are Snorre Henriksen (NBIC), Anders Finstad (NTNU), Erlend Nilsen (NINA), Bob O’Hara (CBD) and Vidar Grøtan (CBD).

ORCID: 0000-0001-9025-9486