PhD candidate at the Industrial Ecology Programme, NTNU

I am an ecologist with a passion for nature and geography. My education focused on environmental changes in different ecosystems. I am fascinated by Geographic Information Systems and remote sensing techniques and I want to use my skills to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

My PhD position is within the Industrial Ecology Programme (IndEcol) at the Department of Energy and Process Engineering. At IndEcol we provide tools and recommendations to support decision-making towards realizing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

A holistic approach for assessing environmental impacts of anthropogenic actions is Life Cycle Assessment. Associated impacts of any goods or services are quantified considering all life cycle stages, i.e. throughout resource extraction, production, use and disposal. Environmental risks and threats as well as potentials for optimization within life cycle stages and across products or services are highlighted. This enables decisions towards smarter and more sustainable choices, and ultimately, helps to avoid environmental impacts and problem shifting from one environmental impact to another. Modelling such impacts is a demanding task and requires data from numerous fields. I am developing methods for incorporating novel data sources into biodiversity impact assessment modelling, including citizen science and remote sensing data.

My primary supervisor is Francesca Verones from the Industrial Ecology Programme (NTNU). I am co-supervised by Ingelin Steinsland (Department of Mathematical Science, NTNU) and Jan Ketil Rød (Department of Geography, NTNU).